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Outdoor Portable Camping Tent Lights

Outdoor Portable Camping Tent Lights

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Outdoor Portable Camping Tent Lights - Light Up Your Nighttime Adventures

Enhance your outdoor experience with our Outdoor Portable Camping Tent Lights. Designed to bring brightness to your camping nights, these lights are your perfect companion for a well-lit and cozy tent setup. Illuminate your adventures and create lasting memories under the starry sky.

Key Features:

Portable and Lightweight: Compact enough to fit in your backpack, these tent lights are designed with portability in mind. Carry them effortlessly to your camping spot and set the mood with ease.

Versatile Lighting Modes: Choose the ambiance that suits your mood. The tent lights offer various lighting modes, including steady light, dim glow, and a flashing mode for added versatility.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Don't let darkness interrupt your outdoor fun. These lights are powered by long-lasting batteries, ensuring that you have reliable illumination throughout your camping trip.

Durable and Weather-resistant: Crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, these tent lights are built with durability in mind. They are weather-resistant, making them suitable for various outdoor conditions.


  • Material: ABS
  • Luminous Flux: 60 lumens
  • Battery Type: AAA (not included)
  • Size: 12 * 5.3CM / 4.72 * 2.09
  • Working Modes: Three-way mode (strong light, weak light, flash)
  • LED Life: 100,000 hours

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Outdoor Portable Camping Tent Lights

How to Use:

  1. Insert the batteries following the provided instructions.
  2. Hang or place the lights in your tent or desired location.
  3. Press the button to cycle through the lighting modes and find your preferred setting.

Elevate your camping experience with the Outdoor Portable Camping Tent Lights. Whether you're telling stories, playing games, or simply enjoying the night, these lights add a touch of warmth to your outdoor escapades.

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