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Wireless Portable Electric Car Air Pump

Wireless Portable Electric Car Air Pump

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Experience Freshness on the Go with Our Wireless Portable Electric Car Air Purifier

Introducing our Wireless Portable Electric Car Air Purifier – the ultimate solution to keep your car interior crisp, clean, and invigorating. Immerse yourself in a breath of fresh air wherever the road takes you, thanks to the powerful purification technology packed into this compact and wireless device.

Key Features:

Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to cumbersome cables and complicated installations. Our Portable Electric Car Air Purifier operates wirelessly, allowing you to enjoy a purified car environment effortlessly.

High-Power Purification: Experience the efficiency of high-power purification that eliminates odors, airborne particles, and pollutants from your car interior. Breathe in the purity with every drive.

Compact and Portable: Designed with your convenience in mind, this air purifier is compact and portable. Easily move it between vehicles or carry it wherever you go for a consistent supply of fresh air.

Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a long-lasting battery, our air purifier ensures continuous freshness during your journeys. Charge it at home or in the car, and enjoy a revitalized atmosphere on the road.

Smart Operation: The purifier features smart operation with easy-to-use controls. Adjust settings, monitor battery levels, and experience hassle-free air purification with just a few simple steps.

Why Choose Our Wireless Car Air Purifier?

  • Effortless Installation: No need for professional installation or complex setups. Simply place the purifier in your car, turn it on, and let it work its magic.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy the benefits of clean air without the noise. The purifier operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful drive while maintaining optimal air quality.
  • Modern Design: Complement your car interior with a sleek and modern design. Our purifier seamlessly integrates into any vehicle, adding a touch of sophistication to your driving experience.

Revitalize Your Driving Experience:

Make every journey a breath of fresh air with the Wireless Portable Electric Car Air Purifier. Prioritize your well-being and transform your car into a haven of clean, revitalizing air. Order now and embark on a journey where freshness knows no bounds.

Product information:

  • Battery capacity: 3 2000mAh lithium batteries
  • Product power: 60W
  • Working voltage: DC 11.1V
  • Working current: ≤6A
  • Piston diameter: 15m
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 150psi
  • Accuracy: ±1.5psi
  • Air volume: 25L/min
  • LED lighting lumen value: 20LM
  • Noise: less than 85db
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Use time: 40min
  • USB line voltage: 5V
  • Maximum charging current: 12.6v/1a
  • Inflatable port maximum temperature: 70 degrees Celsius
  • Length of air hose: 100mm±10mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Air pump
  • 1 x Cigarette lighter connection line
  • 1 x Independent air nozzle
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Flannel bag
  • 1 x Inflatable tube
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