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Galaxy Starry Sky Projector

Galaxy Starry Sky Projector

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Galaxy Starry Sky Projector - Transform Your Space into a Celestial Oasis

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the cosmos with our Galaxy Starry Sky Projector. This rotating night light is more than just an illumination device; it's a portal to a galaxy far, far away, right in the comfort of your home. Let the mesmerizing stars and nebulae create a soothing atmosphere for relaxation, sleep, or a touch of celestial magic.

Key Features:

360-Degree Rotation: Watch as the night sky comes alive with a full 360-degree rotation. The projector casts a dynamic and ever-changing galaxy onto your walls and ceiling, providing a captivating visual experience.

Multiple Lighting Modes: Customize your cosmic experience with multiple lighting modes. Choose from a soothing single-color glow, vibrant multicolor displays, or a combination of both. Find the perfect ambiance for any mood or occasion.

Adjustable Brightness: Tailor the brightness to your preference. Whether you're creating a calming atmosphere for bedtime or adding a touch of cosmic wonder to a party, the adjustable brightness ensures the perfect lighting balance.

Easy to Use: The intuitive controls make operation a breeze. Adjust settings, switch between modes, and set the rotation speed effortlessly. Enjoy a hassle-free celestial experience at the touch of a button.

USB-Powered and Portable: Powered by a USB cable (included), this star projector is energy-efficient and convenient. Take the magic with you by easily moving the projector to different rooms or spaces.


  • Power Source: USB-Powered
  • Laser Parameters: Laser classification (Class) J laser wavelength: 523mm
  • LED Power: 5W
  • Shell Material: ABS material
  • Adapter Parameters: Input voltage 110-240V output voltage 5V
  • Remote Control: 20/30 meters wireless remote control battery model: No. 7 battery (without battery)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Galaxy Starry Sky Projector with Accessories
  • 1 x User Manual

Transform your space into a celestial oasis with the Galaxy Starry Sky Projector. Perfect for creating a relaxing bedtime routine, adding ambiance to gatherings, or simply marveling at the wonders of the universe within your own four walls.

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